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As your next State Senator, I’m focused on fighting for the working families in my district. We need innovative solutions to tackle the problems our communities are facing today. Here are key issues that need to be addressed in our community:

Affordable Housing

Rent prices across our district have skyrocketed, making it hard for those who have deep roots here to stay. Our community members, especially the seniors who live on a fixed income, are being taken advantage of as their cost of living increases exponentially. In the Senate, I want to fight for affordable housing options and capping rent costs to keep our neighbors in their homes.

Workers' Rights 

The workers of our district deserve a living wage, healthcare, and an advocate for their rights in the workplace. Every worker and future worker in our district should be afforded the same opportunity I was through an apprenticeship program. And every worker deserves the benefits I’ve received by being a union member. I will fight for the working families of Delaware.

Protecting our Veterans

As a Veteran, I know firsthand the short and long-term needs of our Veterans coming home. I’ve worked with our state legislature to get our veterans key benefits, like passing HB 265 which exempts our disabled veterans from paying local taxes. This is just the beginning of what we can do to help those who have served our country. As your next State Senator, I will always fight for our veterans.

Standing up for our Children

Bullying is an epidemic in our schools. As a father who has seen the devastating effect of bullying first hand, we need to do more. We need to make sure our schools are working to protect our children and have the tools in place to keep our children safe. Kids can’t learn when they are hungry, period. I’m proud of the free lunch program in place currently and will fight to make it available to all our kids in the future, because every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

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